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Since 1991, Hargreaves Associates has been developing an ongoing campus Master Plan with the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio. The firm's role with the University has been as both Master Planners and design landscape architects for specific open space projects. The Master Plan is now in its third edition. This continued evolution underscores the success of the Master Plan as a living document and tool for use by the University, as well as the success of the firmís relationship with the University. The implementation of the Master Plan is ever-growing, and several open space projects designed by Hargreaves Associates have been built or are in design or under construction.

The master planning strategy is a connective one: "force fields" derived from historic quadrangles guide new infill development within a cohesive and connective tissue of open spaces. The master plan reinforces the campus quads as organizing spaces for the buildings around them, while weaving the character of the adjacent Burnet Woods throughout the campus. The plan reasserts the campus as an active pedestrian precinct conducive to human interaction, study and play and recognizes that the physical environment strongly influences the educational experience.