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Chattanooga Renaissance Park

Chattanooga, Tennessee

The 23.5acre Renaissance Park on Chattanooga’s North Shore has been designed and constructed on a former industrial site. An intermittent stream draining over 175 acres of urban watershed cuts through the park, contributing to significant non-source point pollution of the Tennessee River. Enamel frit waste cells left in the water table by previous owners threatened to leach a range of contaminants into the surrounding site and water systems. Buried waste was removed and stabilized chemically and geotechnically on site rather than be exported to landfills. A created wetland system now collects and cleans urban runoff generated on site and runoff brought onto the site via the North Market Street Branch stream, before release into the Tennessee. Finally, unstable and actively erosive stream and river banks have been stabilized with a unique vegetative revetment system and the use of fascines and live-staking, as well as a series of gabion structures and rip-rap armature.