Haihe River Ribbon Park

Tianjin, China

Ribbon Park on the Haihe River is the focus of the mixed use development district in the heart of the Tanggu District in Tianjin. As the signature open space in the larger Tianjin Binhai New Area, the 30 hectare park offers a variety of active and passive destinations for workers, residents and visitors to the adjacent developments. The amenities include riverfront boardwalks, plazas and promenades, natural forests, riparian wetlands, botanical gardens and supporting restaurants, cafes and water taxi and ferry stops. The overall organization of the park establishes strong connections between the future urban land uses and circulation systems of the city and the river while celebrating its cultural and historic importance. Regional plantings strategies, water conservation and other sustainability features within the park and along the river edge will assist in revitalizing and fortifying the natural ecological systems.